Xabier Amonarraiz (Donostia, 1975), a great lover of life in its various expressions, was formed in the college career of Marine Sciences, being fascinated by the infinite number of shapes, textures and modes of existence of beings which often were smaller than the head of a pin. He realized that life is a huge explosion of creativity and arised in him the need to express his out-standing way of watching and feeling life with his own hands and imagination.

Wood was clearly the material with which he felt more identified. Features like its vegetable nature, the docility to the sculpture, different textures, colors, smells, densities ...he had everything to release his expressive needs.

His artistic beginnings were directed towards making musical instruments such as the "didgeridoo", however, it was when discovering the wood lathe that he discovered also a new world of possibilities. Thus, with the union of lathe and sculpture, emerged a way of working the wood that allowed him to perform himself.

The passion of Xabier Amonarraiz, towards which his sculptural collections are routed, is to create hypothetical wood lifeforms with structures, movements, textures and features that would be possible within universes governed by a totally different environmental condition from those we are habituated.

It is the artist's desire for you to enjoy, recreate and let your imagination run free through his creations...